Wacker Neuson Wheel Loader WL28e

Wacker Neuson WL28e

Wacker Neuson Wheel Loader WL28e

The power ratings of the electrically-driven WL28e wheel loader correspond to those of a conventional diesel-operated machine. The installed 96-Volt lithium-ion battery is available in three power ratings so that the running and charging times can be optimally coordinated with the work requirements. Different charging cables and plugs ensure the machine’s flexible charging options. The WL28e works on-site completely free from exhaust gases and with significantly lower noise emissions. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings with operating costs. The low design of the front end therefore provides the perfect visibility and high tipping loads. It will master pallets with paving stones or other transported goods up to 1.6 t effortlessly.

·         Battery (lithium-ion), 96 V, battery capacity (gross) 14.1 kWh

·         Battery charger On-board 3 kW, plug type 2, charger cable Schuko 230 V / 10 A

·         Drive hydraulics motor (ECE R085) 33.1 kW

·         Work hydraulics motor (ECE R085) 21.2 kW

·         Hydraulic articulated pendulum steering

·         Steering cylinder: 1

·         Operator's canopy with ROPS/FOPS-tested restraint system

·         Generous provision of space in all operator's cabs

·         Ergonomic, generous access

·         Adjustable steering column (inclination and height)

·         Fully damped comfort seat with safety belt, weight, back and height adjustment

·         LED lighting according to StVZO

·         LED working lights, 1 in front, 1 rear on operator's canopy

·         Axle: planetary axle PA940

·         Drive system: electric drive, energy recovery when decelerating, travel direction selectable using joystick, auto/eco mode

·         Battery: internal battery heater, charging time 20% to 80% SOC 2.9 hr, charge release switch

·         Speed: 15 km/h (optional 20 / 25)

·         Travel speeds: 2

·         Operating brake:&# 160;multi-disc brake on front axle acting on front axle acting on rear axle via universal joint shaft

·         Parking brake: electric parking brake with hill-hold function (when stopping on a hill, the electric motor holds the machine in place)

·         12-16.5 EM ET0 (12-16.5 BKT SkidPower ET 0)

·         Loading swing arm lifting height 2560 mm

·         Quick change device (Wacker Neuson HV/HT - C ) hydraulic

·         Kinematics: P

·         Lifting cylinder 2

·         Tipping cylinder 1

·         Floating position for lift and tipping cylinders

·         Mechanically pilot controlled joystick with direction switch

·         3rd Front control circuit via lever with single detent for continuous function

·         EquipCare 36 months (incl. App & Manager)

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