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Powerful in application, good for the environment: the gasoline breakers from Wacker Neuson are your powerful companions in demanding jobsite applications and also impress through a high level of operating comfort.


BH55 - The entry-level model for demolition

The BH55 gasoline demolition breaker is the entry-level model among demolition breakers. Lighter and smaller than the other demolition breakers in the Wacker Neuson series, it is designed for professional use and impresses with its compact size and ease of use.

  • 55 joules of single stroke impact energy
  • 1,300 blows per minute
  • Economical and low-emission Wacker Neuson motor of in-house design
  • Simple percussion system maintenance on site with a small grease gun over the central zerk fitting
  • Shanks for all common tools

BH65 - A strong power-to-weight ratio

The BH65 gasoline demolition hammer is characterized by the highest single impact stroke energy and the best power-to-weight ratio. With 65 joules, it is the most powerful gasoline demolition hammer in its class and only has low hand-arm vibrations in the process. Together with the low-emission Wacker Neuson engine, the BH65 is an efficient and productive companion on any job site.

  • Very high single stroke impact energy of 65 joules thanks to the percussion system that is optimally adjusted to the engine
  • Very lightweight
  • Economical and low-emission Wacker Neuson motor of in-house design
  • Simple percussion system maintenance on site with a small grease gun over the central zerk fitting
  • 4.6 m/s² hand-arm vibrations


Unbeatable in daily application: the floor saws from Wacker Neuson cut asphalt and concrete quickly, precisely and conveniently. Get excited about the first-class cutting performance!


BFS - The best performance in cutting asphalt and concrete

The gasoline-driven floor saw series by Wacker Neuson is particularly characterized by its superior cutting performance. All model versions are up to 20 percent faster than comparable devices so that the BFS series offers the highest cutting speed with a quiet operation. This is because the torque that is transmitted to the diamond blade and the center of gravity that is above the cutting shaft are efficiently adapted to each other. And this with a low weight, because the BFS series is the lightest in its class.


  • Low hand-arm-vibrations below 5 m/s²
  • Superior cutting performance: Up to 20 % faster than comparable devices
  • Requires very little maintenance due to lifetime-lubricated bearings
  • High directional stability through the high tensile strength frame and ball-bearing wheels
  • Variably adjustable cutting depth




From masonry to reinforcements to concrete: the gasoline cut-off saw from Wacker Neuson always cuts absolutely reliably and is extremely durable and efficient to use.


BTS635s - First-class performance with every cut: BTS


The gasoline cut-off saws of the BTS range are your ideal companions on site. They are extremely durable and robust thanks to high quality manufacturing standards of their individual components. The design is perfectly balanced, making for easy and intuitive operation of the device. The air-cooled two-cycle engine has a high torque with reliable power transmission.This ensures the first-class cutting performance of the BTS range. And they remain easily within all specified emission limits.


  • First-class cutting performance
  • Way above average operating times
  • High performance engine with high torque
  • Robust high quality construction
  • Hand-arm vibrations below 5m/s²

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Whatever you’re concrete or asphalt breaking requirements are, M & M can provide you with the correct piece of demolition equipment to suit your requirements.

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