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Tradition meets innovation - The Wacker Neuson Vibratory Rammer

In 1930, Hermann Wacker invented the world’s first vibratory rammer. Many innovations and constant improvements have followed since then. The rammers developed into a flagship of the company and are therefore among the most frequently sold vibratory rammers in the world.


Quality that convinces

Until today, Wacker Neuson is known for its compaction equipment and offers a vast selection of s vibratory rammers alongside other products. They are used as flexible, powerful units for the soil compaction of smaller surfaces and confined areas on construction sites, for example in trench construction. The compaction result depends on a combination of several factors: the vibratory rammers impress with their stroke, speed and percussion rate. Our vibratory rammers impress end users with these properties. Due to the innovative air filter technology, the replacement intervals are extended threefold. This saves time and above all money.


First-class soil compaction results with Wacker Neuson vibratory rammers - just as you need them

Classic application areas of vibratory rammers, which are used on construction sites, are contour shaping or improvement works and the compaction of subsurface's. They are used on construction sites, in gardening and landscaping or for municipal construction work. However, they are also suitable for compaction work indoors or in trenches. With Wacker vibratory rammers, you always have the perfect helpers for a wide range of applications. From filigree helpers to sturdy units, Wacker Neuson offers a wide range of products. The products score in all application areas with the corresponding ramming frequency and the necessary impact force. Thanks to the individual engine solutions, the vibratory rammers ideally meet a wide range of requirements. Because of this, entrepreneurs that want to buy a vibratory rammer can select the type of drive that best meets their company’s requirements. Wacker Neuson offers you one of the most innovative and comprehensive product ranges for vibratory rammers.


Battery Rammer - Emission-free and wireless working is entering a new dimension: We have created a worlds first with the battery-powered vibratory rammers.



2 Stroke Rammer - Maximum productivity, performance and service life. Available in four different weight classes.


4 Stroke Rammer - They are characterized by excellent work performance, a long service life as well as longer service intervals thanks to the innovative air filter system.


Diesel Rammer - Are you looking for a machine to compact heavy cohesive soils? Then our diesel rammer is perfect for you.

It‘s your choice – A large selection of vibratory plates for any type of ground

It’s best to choose a vibratory plate from Wacker Neuson for compacting different types of ground. The units are sturdy, reliable and perfectly suited for path and road construction or landscaping. We offer you a wide range of models for single-direction or reversible vibratory plates. You can specifically choose the right model for you from this product range.


Compaction at the highest level

Compacting the ground is an important prerequisite for stability. The better the compaction, the more durable and robust the roads are later and the more easily buildings can be erected thereupon. With a vibratory plate from Wacker Neuson, it doesn’t matter what type of ground it is. Whether mixed soils, paving or asphalt: Our vibratory plates compact all common types of ground with the highest level of quality. Whilst the single direction vibratory plates are predominantly used for smaller surfaces and in landscaping, our reversible vibratory plates are suitable for larger construction applications. In this category, there is a selection of over 20 different models available to you. The range is considerable: from vibratory plates as light as 90 kg up to our largest vibratory plate with an operating weight of over one ton with up to 130 kN of power and an operating width of 1.2 meters.


Wacker Neuson vibratory plates: Maximum performance and easy to steer at the same time

In the design of our vibratory plates, we pay particular attention to the ease of control and maneuverability of these powerhouses, even at maximum performance. In this way, we are able to ensure that when purchasing a Wacker Neuson vibratory plate you are receiving a maneuverable unit that can be used in the tightest of spaces. At the same time, we take the health of the end user into account during the design process. The hand-arm vibrations caused are in such a low range on some models that they do not require documentation.


Unshakable quality

Excellent quality of construction machines: Wacker Neuson also meets these quality requirements for vibratory plates. Carefully selected partners for energy-efficient drive versions ensure a particularly long service life.

When you choose Wacker Neuson for soil compaction, you are choosing a wide selection of vibratory plates, excellent quality and attractive prices that are unshakable.


Single Direction Vibratory Plates - Wacker Neuson single direction vibration plates. Working emission-free without losing performance? With Wacker Neuson, you get select models, also battery-powered versions.

Reversible Vibratory Plates - Our reversible vibratory plates are available in various sizes. Individual - just the way you need them. You can also get select models with remote control for a high level of operating comfort and sensitive variable control.


Rollers from Wacker Neuson – large model selection, perfect compaction

Rollers on construction sites are indispensable for compaction in road and highway construction or in rail construction. You will find a broad product range of rollers at Wacker Neuson: From the remote-controlled trench roller to the ride-on tandem rollers - Wacker Neuson always offers you the right roller for the compaction of all types of subsurface's.


Reliability in various designs

Our rollers are continuously being optimized. Thanks to the constant optimization, our rollers deliver a perfect compaction performance and that on uneven surfaces. You can choose from a variety of machines within the range of compacting technology. Gradients of up to 60 percent or large areas can easily be managed with our single drum soil compactors. The machines can be equipped with both smooth and cleated drums. Our product range is rounded off with trench rollers, which are ideal for application in trenches. The built-in articulated joint provides exceptional maneuverability with which the rollers can easily be maneuvered in the tightest of spaces by remote control.


All types of subsurface's – our rollers make almost anything flat

It doesn’t matter what subsurface you want to compact. Wacker Neuson surely has the right roller for you. Our single drum soil compactors can, for example, be utilized for both soil compaction and asphalt compaction. Thanks to the 3-point articulated joint, the larger rollers and single drum soil compactors or the tandem rollers can be precisely controlled on all surfaces.


Durable rollers thanks to high quality

We rely on high quality materials, powerful and efficient engines, power, innovative technology and economical operation in our rollers. The result is construction machines with a long service life on which you can always rely.

Trench Rollers - Remote controlled trench rollers, which are perfect for compacting excavations and sub-bases for foundations. The remote control works with infrared technology, therefore offering the greatest possible safety standard.


Tandem Rollers - To be able to offer you the right machine for any type of ground, the ride-on and walk-behind tandem rollers are available in various sizes and performance levels. Compacting asphalt, coarse gravel and other types of ground and sub surfaces is therefore no problem for our rollers

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Choose Wacker Neuson Trench rammers, Wacker plates and rollers for high performance, reliability, and economic efficiency in Compaction.

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